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Let’s Get Comfortable…

Hey Miss! I’m Bridgette; an easy-going and youthful spirit who loves learning knew things, sharing resources and having fun along the way. Welcome to my blog❣️

Though I am a mature Miss, I still embody a youthful spirit, which I nurture to the fullest. This means I still like to ride with my music on blast, dance a little dance, play with my dogs, and PLAY with my man. I enjoy an easy, less-is-more lifestyle; with a splash of f-u-n. Keeping things simple, keeps the stress away. My mom was a popular hair stylist, which means I grew up as a salon baby. Because of that (most times) I do my own hair and toes 😉, while sipping on some crisp champagne in the comfort of my own home.

In the beginning of my journey, I struggled to find my voice. I wasn’t great; not even good at social media (I am now a work-in-progress). I thought I should do what others were doing. But when I started listening to myself, I found that I didn’t even recognize my own voice. So this blog is my outlet in life, love, and business and will be written in my very own honest, transparent, light-hearted, yet potty-mouthed voice!

I moved to Texas from Indiana at the ripe age 19. I enrolled at Miss Wade’s College for Fashion Design at that time, not knowing what I was doing or how to get financing. I sat through one class, got freaked out once I started seeing the numbers and the talent in the room. I felt insecure and ran. Many years later, after working in various industries, I came back around to design (which, by the way, NEVER left my heart). While I loved co-managing the local Chico's store in Allen Texas, it was the position I had in Nordstrom’s buying office as an Office Assistant that revived my passion for fashion. I left and re-enrolled in Wade College for Fashion Design and never looked back.

By profession, I am a Pattern Maker/Grader following my lifelong dream of launching a fashion brand on my very own terms. Honestly, I shouldn’t call it a dream, because for me it’s my reality; it’s what I get up at 3am without hesitation for. I have earned two Fashion Design degrees along with scholarships that have helped me along my way. For the past 8 years, I have owned and operated a small clothing pattern making business called The Crazy Grader; drafting and grading patterns for many other designer entrepreneurs. However, this blog isn’t about that! Here, I will throw everything I have learned in fashion school out the window and share with you my real-life experiences, which has been quite high and low. Maybe you will take something away from my experiences that might help you along your way; especially if you are also a creative.

As I design and build my brand, Leisure Miss, I want to share transparent stories of my journey while we discover, embrace, and enjoy a life of leisure in our daily lives; whether that be physically or mentally. I will walk you through how I am heel-strapping a fashion line on a shoe string budget from beginning to end. So, whether you are a person who wants to embrace a less is more lifestyle, a fashion entrepreneur wanting to learn from someone else’s experiences, or simply a person who enjoys reading stories; this is your community.

At Leisure Miss, thoughtfulness and care is put into the fabric choices, the stitching that constructs our garments, comfort, and fit quality. I care about all the pieces and steps that go into creating our garments to ensure it is aesthetically pleasing as well as functionally comfortable for you, our Miss.

For us, Life is Better Lived Slowly. So I will be manufacturing using the slow fashion model, which means small batches at a time, after short pre-selling events have concluded. In a later post, I will dig a little deeper into what slow fashion really means.

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xoxo, Designer Bridgette


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