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Expand the lifetime of your pasties with this revolutionary combo: Boob-eez® #1 best-selling silicone nipple covers + a premium compact made from all-natural bamboo! 


COMPACT + 1 PAIR of Boob-eez® Nipple Covers Elevate the Boob-eez® vibe with this sleek, sustainable, & re-usable bamboo compact.  A safe and sustainable storage option for Boob-eez® Nipple Covers.


Keep this compact on your bathroom counter, take it with you in your make-up bag or throw her in your purse -- no matter where you go, Boob-eez® has got you covered.  

Nipple Covers

SKU: BB120248CM
  • Wash with mild soap and water when needed. NOT DISHWASHER FRIENDLY.

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